Web & App Development

Full-service digital agency based in San Francisco, London, and Tampa delivers digital projects to clients worldwide.

Digital strategy

By relying on 20 year experience and use of proven methodologies we contribute ideas and guide clients towards successful digital strategies.

Requirements specification

Business and technical documentation that describes project requirements is essential to establish a consensus among the project’s stakeholders and reduce endeavour risks.

Architecture specification

A “blueprint” that “translates” requirements into a technical implementation guide. UE delivers architecture for entire systems or just the challenging parts.

Creative services

United Experts creative team covers graphics design, web design, user experience design, prototyping, UX testing, copyrighting and other digital content creation.


Senior developers cover web and mobile development on Open Source and Microsoft platforms and languages: PHP, Lavarel, ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic.

WordPress & Sitefinity CMS

For CMS platforms United Experts favors WordPress and Sitefinity where we have extensive experience with project implementation, training and consulting.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing experts help clients with SEO, Pay-per-click campaigns, PR, big data personalization, social media and other digital marketing.


United Experts goes beyond WordPress and Sitefinity training to provide client’s with knowledge related to all technical and business aspects of online operations.

Digital Project Superteam as a Service (STaaS)

United Experts delivers web projects through innovative Superteam as a Service (STaaS). See why world leading brands hire United Experts to masterplan digital projects, assemble and manage most fitted, on tap expertise, and oversee delivery.

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