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UE helped BNP Paribas launch the 100% digital bank

Hello bank!

Hello bank! is the 100% mobile digital bank launched by the BNP Paribas Group. 

Hello bank! is a new approach aimed at the digital generation, customers with “digital DNA”, the early adopters with a passion for technological innovation, who prefer to use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets for many of their everyday activities: from news to weather, from sport to nutrition, from learning to reading, from choosing a film to booking a flight or hotel, and so on. Hello bank! customers want to interact with their bank using dedicated apps, and for more complex needs, such as advisory services, look for extended-hours access to their account manager by video call, online chat or phone.

Mobile, just like you” is the slogan that was chosen for the European launch of Hello bank!, to highlight the freedom of access to banking services at the touch of a button, deciding “where”, “when” and “how” to use them.

According to Fabio Gallia, CEO of BNL and Head of BNP Paribas in Italy: “Hello bank! Demonstrates our ability to introduce constant innovation into our banking activities. To play its role effectively in this environment of rapid technological change, a bank must keep abreast of the changing habits of its customers, who want a relationship with their bank that is immediate, direct and always available. Hello bank! is the solution devised by BNL and BNP Paribas to meet these needs, and is part of the broader strategy of a group that is in a position to offer expertise, products and service models designed for different customer profiles in an integrated way.”

Hello bank! is essentially “simple“, thanks to straightforward language, applications and intuitive functions that are easy to use. It is “smart” – a bank that is “mobile, just like you” and offers always-on services that are accessible anywhere from a smartphone or tablet. It is “human“, because it is manned by a team of experts who can meet the diverse needs of every customer. Lastly, Hello bank! is “safe“: it offers a high level of security and expertise for the management of savings and investments based on the experience of BNL and the BNP Paribas Group. Hello bank! is, above all, a bank that saves time.

United Experts’ advising was instrumental to ensure architecture, development, and editorial implementation of the bank’s robust WCM platform were optimized for the current and future needs of this complex solution. United Experts enabled the amazing BNP Paribas and Idweaver digital teams to maintain this complex project independently through extensive coaching of developers, marketers, and content editors. We also streamlined the CMS workflow to enable efficient content staging which greatly contributes to safe and efficient content editing while enabling possibilities for content optimization and experimentation, all while maintaining the solution’s high performance and security.

We are thankful for the honor to work in this amazing environment.