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Official Sitefinity Training

With this truly premium Sitefinity training, UE team shares expertise gathered on some of the world's most complex Sitefinity projects. Sitefinity training is optimised and fully customized for developers, designers, marketers, and admins of all skill levels and backgrounds. Best of all, you can get as much Sitefinity training as you like for a fair, flat rate price!

Unlimited Sitefinity training

Get as much training as you like for a flat rate price !

Unlimited duration

We would organize as many as you need instructor-led sessions within 30 days or 1 year. The sessions would be adjusted in their duration and scheduled on dates that work best for you.

Unlimited topics

Together with you we will create a training agenda with topics that suit your needs. For larger digital teams or "need to know all" heroes we would cover all different Sitefinity aspects like development, marketing, content entry, and system administration.

Unlimited customization

Let's make this training 100% the way you want! Let's do everything in the context of your project(s) and your unique objectives. Of course, all the bits like session times, duration, required knowledge level, and training pace will also be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Unlimited help

Just relax with confidence! We'll be here to help as much as you need us. After initial training sessions, just ping us when you need anything related to Sitefinty.

Training features

After 12 years of delivering Sitefinity training, we learned what you all like 😉

"All-you-can-eat" Sitefinity

For a fair, fixed price we will provide as much as you need Sitefinity training within 30 days or 1 year. This unique approach guarantees that you can relax with confidence, knowing that you will be helped with Sitefinity as much as needed.


Training customization starts with the unique topics you wish to cover. Training pace and targeted skill level would also be adjusted to fit your needs, as are the place, date, and time when you wish to have the training. Most importantly, every training is exclusively about your project, not generic use of Sitefinity.

Accredited certificate

Every training participant will get the EBA accredited certificate printed on premium paper and available for download with a digital signature.

Success "recipe"

With this premium training, United Experts brings senior Sitefinity consultants to share their expertise from projects for world-leading brands. We proudly present a unique, proven success "recipe" that’s applicable to individuals and companies of any size and shape.

VIP experience

Our flagship Learn & Lounge™ training facilities at prime locations in London, Dublin, and New York provide a cozy and comfy environment. For on-site training, we provide a streamlined logistics that ensures minimum efforts on your side. For remote training our beautifull and functional apps facilitate a better connection with your instructor.

Sitefinity sandbox

We would provide an online Sitefinity sandbox where you can learn and experiment freely. If you prefer to use your environment instead of our sandbox, we can help you with its setup. Training can also be delivered on your own Sitefinity solution instead of the demo project.

Training materials

Quality Sitefinity guides, presentations, samples, and files related to your training will be available in your account on our training support app.

Gifts & swag

We thought that giving stylish gifts on every training is a nice touch for a perfect training experience. Take home a stylish mug or a quality polo shirt!

Learning formats

Get Sitefinity training wherever you are

On-site worldwide

United Experts delivers on-site Sitefinity training at your office anywhere within the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, U.A.E., New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore

Remote (instructor-led)

This is not a webinar! It’s private training delivered remotely just for you or your team on a preferred date and in your local time zone!


Our flagship Learn & Lounge™ training facilities located at prime locations provide modern and comfortable environment along with open tap drinks and healthy snacks. Available in London, Dublin, and New York

Corporate e-learning

When continuous education is required for a large group of people, United Experts offers custom Sitefinity e-learning courseware creation optimized for scalable, enterprise learning.

Sample outlines / agendas

Choose from our selection of ready outlines or go for full customization

100% custom training

We can entirely customize your training to perfectly fit your requirements.  All custom outlines need to be arranged in cooperation with your dedicated Sitefinity consultant.

This is the Sitefinity Training!

This flexible service goes above and beyond training to provide all that’s needed for sucess with sitefinity

We helped to deliver some of the most sucesfull Sitefinty projects

Some of the world’s most complex and most sucesfull Sitefinity projects are created by teams trained and consulted by United Experts. They include teams from those great organizations: Best Western Hotels, BNP Paribas, ABB, Hitachi, Mars (m&m’s), PwC, JLL, European University Association, Scottish Court, Medical Protection Society, The Institute of Cancer Research, Atos, Kaplan and over 500 other.

We trained over 4,700 people

We trained more people on Sitefinity than any other organization on the planet. By small group private mentoring we trained over 4,700 people with whom we spend on average 3 days. This training is envisioned as a platform where we share the proven success "recipe" with individuals and organizations of any size and shape. We created a training that clearly showcases a better way to deliver and manage Sitefinity projects.

We trained and consultaed teams from those great companies:
We made friends with those great people who sent us thank you notes:

Training comparison

United Experts Progress Other Vendors
Unlimited training duration for fixed price
Flexible agenda / training toipcs
full flexibility
Training customization
fully customizable
Unlimited help / assistance
Training delivered by senior Sitefinity consultant
Gifts & swag
polo shirt or mug
Accredited certificate for training participants
digital + paper
Independent consulting
lower, flat rate for unlimited service
higher, fixed rate per hour
higher, fixed rate per hour
Number of years delivering Sitefinity training
Number of people trained
> 4,500
less 🙂
less 🙂

Top 5 reasons why people love UE training

1. We provide as much as you need help with Sitefinity, no matter what

I know how frustrating it can be to go for training not knowing what you will get out of it. Would enough be covered, would the right topics be covered, would you have time for your questions, how much training do you actually need?  Those are certain questions that I ask myself when I look for training. That’s why I wanted to offer a truly unlimited training where we don’t measure time or topics covered. We would simply provide you with as much training as you need for a flat rate price.


2. We are there for you with the best Sitefinity knowledge possible

When big companies offer training it’s almost always delivered by junior staff or people who were trained to deliver training. In such cases whenever something goes out of planned agendas the whole training collapses. That’s why United Experts training is always delivered by senior Sitefinity consultants including myself. We all worked on the most complex Sitefinity projects, collaborated with the core Sitefinity team on product development, and back in the days even shared an office with Telerik (original Sitefinity vendor). Trust me, you can’t ask a Sitefinity question to which we don’t have an answer. Importantly, our consulting is also bold and independent!


3. We adjust absolutely everything to your needs

Here is another aspect where a small company like United Experts has an advantage. Big companies have strict procedures, policies, and agendas which limits their flexibility. I wanted this training to be fully flexible and not only while we are arranging it but also, if needed, quickly adjusted on the spot. So yes, everything is flexible here, your training topics, session dates and times, training pace, knowledge level, time spent on any topic or entire training. Something didn’t work for you? We’ll try it in another way!


4. We always have fun

Hey, I and my colleagues love doing this! I have fun at every training and trust me my enthusiasm is contagious. Our slogan is “Sitefinity with a cup of coffee” and indeed, the atmosphere that we seek resembles talking about Sitefinity over a cup of coffee. You get to learn a lot of stuff, hear some funny Sitefinity stories, share your experiences. Everyone leaves happy.


5. We would likely become friends 🙂

Don’t feel any pressure here but that’s how it usually happens spontaneously. With the flat rate price and relaxed atmosphere business is quickly removed and you get a friend that you can ask for help with Sitefinity whenever needed.

Boris Motusic

Co-Founder & Sitefinity Consultant, United Experts