Sitefinity Consulting

Sitefinity consulting provided by Fortune 500 Sitefinity consultants remotely or on-site. Sitefinity consulting helps with the implementation of Progress Sitefinity architecture, optimization of Sitefinity performance and security, as well as general best practices.

Solution review

Our Sitefinity masterminds perform solution architecture audits and help with the implementation of Sitefinity best practices.

Code quality assessment

Our masterminds together with senior Sitefinity developers perform code audits to ensure implementation of Sitefinity and general coding best practices.

Performance optimization

UE team can optimize your website for speed and performance by implementing Sitefinity and hosting infrastructure related best practices.

Security optimisation

United Experts runs automated tests and performs manual solution and code analysis to identify potential security threats.

Requirements Specification

UE masterminds combine extensive industry experience with in-depth knowledge of Sitefinity to deliver Requirements Specification that makes the most of Sitefinity in the context of strategic agenda of your business.

Architecture Specification

UE masterminds deliver a “blueprint” that “translates” Requirements Specification into a technical implementation guide, all created to minimize Sitefinity project delivery time and cost while maximizing maintainability, scalability, and performance.

Continuous delivery setups

Regular deployments across multiple environments can be a tedious manual bunch of tasks. UE masterminds can help your team with this often challenging setup.

Remote assistance

Whenever you need Sitefinity related assistance we can provide remote support.

Get a Sitefinity mastermind on your team!

Some of the world’s most complex Sitefinity projects are guided and architectured by Sitefinity Masterminds from United Experts.

UE Sitefinity Masterminds possess not only in-depth knowledge of Sitefinity but also vast industry experience and top education. That doesn’t only guarantee their ability to fully respond to any Sitefinity project challenge but also presents a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with consultants who work on some of the world’s most complex digital projects for brands like Microsoft, PwC, Best Western Hotels…

Great brands rely on Sitefinity masterminds from United Experts

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