We wish you a lot less screen time in 2019!

It’s clear that excessive staring at various screens has a negative impact on our health, communication, creativity, work efficiency, and many other essential aspects of life.

The real problem is that tech businesses encourage screen addiction. In fact, there is a whole science on how to get users to use apps, websites and digital content as much as possible. The ability to get users to “live” in your app is one of the main business model requirements that investors look for when investing in new tech startups. Thus, this is embedded in just about any digital product or content that we consume and create. It’s time for a new approach, a new direction.

In 2019 tech companies should start thinking about how to make technology either invisible or enjoyable in a healthy way.  As a digital consultancy, United Experts is doing its part in this direction. We always recognized technology as a tool which assists people in achieving their goals without challenging their current lifestyle and their inbuilt values. In order for technology to be useful, it needs to be simple to use, reliable, and possibly ubiquitous. But in 2019 we are stepping our efforts further with enterprise Web Content Management solutions based on WordPress in a bid to create some truly new, fun experiences for digital content editors. Stay tuned 🙂

Best wishes for 2019. We wish you a lot less screen time!

About Boris Motusic

Boris is Co-Founder & Chief Digital Architect at United Experts, author, and keynote speaker. Boris believes that technology should be utilized to create a better work-life balance and enable greater prosperity for more people. If that’s not the case someone, somewhere is taking too much or doing it wrong :)