UE welcomes Zvonimir Zavacki, cybersecurity mastermind

While IDG is predicting that cybercrime damage costs would hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, cybersecurity is already the hottest buzzword. On one hand, GDPR compliance presents legal requirements that businesses have to address by April 2018. On the other, it is evident that businesses have to adopt proactive cybercrime prevention for practical reasons.

At United Experts we are increasingly asked to quickly deploy a scalable application security program across the entire software development lifecycle. As a response, we had to bring one of the leading cybersecurity experts, Mr. Zvonimir Zavacki who will join us in our Digital Project Superteams as security mastermind. With high attention to detail, Zvonimir leaves nothing to chance, and that is exactly the kind of person you want to handle cybersecurity on mission-critical enterprise projects.


About Boris Motusic

Boris is Co-Founder & Chief Digital Architect at United Experts, author, and keynote speaker. Boris believes that technology should be utilized to create a better work-life balance and enable greater prosperity for more people. If that’s not the case someone, somewhere is taking too much or doing it wrong :)