Cybersecurity Consulting

Deploy web application security testing across the entire software development lifecycle. Web application security testing is critical to protecting your apps and your organization.
Scalable testing

United Experts enables your business to quickly deploy a scalable application security program across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). Combining advanced scanning technology and first-hand ethical hacking experience we accurately identify vulnerabilities and scale to meet any demand without slowing production services down.

United Experts provides the industry’s broadest range of application security solutions that serve the needs of developers, security professionals and executives. We provide complete solutions for the web and mobile application security and support truly secured code development.

Production AS testing

Production web application testing are designed to detect security vulnerabilities in the applications in its production state. The support of the of the running web applications in a complex environment demand continuous and concurrent detection of the code changes and alerting for newly discovered vulnerabilities. The state of the art service shall fulfil client’s expectation regardless of how often the applications are updated.

Mobile AS testing

Mobile application security testing is one of the most demanding testing environment today. It includes an application testing in the production as well as in the development phase at the same time. It is extremely sophisticated and sensitive comprehensive service which emerge with highly client’s expectation and support the grow of the businesses.

Development AS testing

Development web application testing is designed to analyse application source code, byte code and binaries in the design and development phase. This testing process support companies to enable an agile application development where the security requirements need to fulfil deployment objectives.

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Project Kick-start Service

Set your project on the right track and get going quickly with a service package that includes: requirements specification, budget estimate, training, consulting, team formation and more.