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At United Experts we recognise technology as a tool which assists people in achieving their goals without challenging their current lifestyle and their inbuilt values. In order for technology to be useful, it needs to be simple to use, reliable, and possibly ubiquitous. Our main goal is to assist the delivery of such solutions while providing assessable value for our clients, which in return enables us to be a “lifestyle business”. Want to join us? We’re hiring!

How it works

1. Application

After submitting the application on this page, United Experts masterminds would review it within 30 days and notify you in case you are selected for the interview.

2. Interview

We conducted interviews via Skype or Zoom meetings. In case you are in San Francisco, Tampa, or London you are welcome at our office.

3. Trial project

If you pass the interview, we would invite you to participate in a short, trial project. You will get paid for it and we would all see if there is the right fit.

4. Welcome aboard!


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